Great style is not expensive…

Florida-girl, by way of London, Dallas and Chicago, fashion is my first love; education is my second. As a wife, mom and fashion professor, my wardrobe has to reflect my position as a higher education professional, without being so…stuffy. However, my graduate degree cost me a pretty penny and the money that would’ve gone to playful Loubous and Jimmy Choos are now going to Sallie Mae :-( What’s a girl to do? Well, I thrift, bargain shop and scavenger hunt my way to an AMAZING wardrobe and I’m going to use this site teach to you how to do the same! Let’s go!


What I’m Wearing…


Mixed Print Plaid

There’s a never a bad time to play with color and print. That’s why I thrift. It’s an inexpensive way to play around and try combine pieces that you wouldn’t ordinarily pair with each other.


Dreaming About Dubai

My obsession with the Middle East and all things Persian has motivated me to put together summer looks full of caftans and turbans. Dreams of perusing silks in a Dubai market dance through my head…


Draped in Red

Summer is upon us. Well…it’s always kinda here for me in sunny South Florida LOL Nevertheless, I’ve started to look for interesting summer pieces to add to my wardrobe…

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