Making the Transition to Fall: Nail Color

The temperature is finally starting to drop here in the 'Big D', which has me looking through my medicine cabinet for darker more richer colors than I wore during the summer. Although my nail palette usually consists of pinks, a french manicure or OPI white, during the Fall months, I do tend to go a bit darker. Here are a few of my tips for transition from pastels to wine colors:

Keep it short- The trend has been long vamp nails for so long, that I doubt you even remember what it what like to type with short nails LOL The trend this Fall is short manicured nails. The goal is to emphasize the beautiful bold and rich prints this season. You nails are the simple accessory this season.

Two colors max- We reveled in the designs this Spring and Summer, but the only design we're seeing this season is a fresh take on the traditional french manicure. Try a black or silver tip instead of white using these 'Salon Perfect' nail art liners. A steady hand using these nail polish liners and you can create a multitude of french manicure-inspired looks.

Red nails rule- I knew that we'd be seeing red this Fall after watching the Chanel Fall/Winter collection (see here). Red nails ruled the runway and it's infiltrating our nail salons. Don't be scared to wear your most vibrant red this Fall. Just remember to carry the polish with you for those necessary touch ups.

Maintain the sexy-Nothing kills a polished look more than chipped nails. If you're someone that just has a hard time getting to the nail salon every week or clearing your Sunday for a do-it-yourself mani/pedi, then I suggest the Sally Hansen Salon Effect Nail Strips or the new Sally Hansen Miracle Gel that promises to last at least 14 days without chipping. This is really great for my stylists, chefs or teachers whose hands are constantly in water. Remember to also wipe your nails down with alcohol prior to the base coat; it removes the excess oils you may have left behind from your scented lotion

Add a bit of sparkle- I wouldn't recommend it for everyday wear in the professional setting. However, when the clock hits 5 on Friday afternoon, I would definitely be applying one of these fab Maybelline nail products.  Perfect as an overlay, slap on a coat of sparkle, polka dot or shimmer to those nails. Remember to tone it down as you prepare for that Monday work day though. Don't want your boss to know exactly how much much you're having on the weekends ;-)

Stay in the forest- When all else fails, know that Fall colors are colors you can expect to see on a drive through New least that's what I've heard ;-) Dark blueberries, brown leaves, green moss...these are colors that are symbolic of fall. They're rich, they're sultry, the hues make you feel warm in the midst of the Chicago 'hawk' ;-)

For more information on keeping your nails classy and up-to-date for the Fall, check my 'Fall nail trends' segment on 'Good Morning Texas' where I highlight ALL the hottest nail trends straight from the runway! Hope this helps a bit as you make your way to the manicurist this week. I know I'm having a hard time letting go of my pastel pink and mint green, but it'll only be a few months until I get to break them out again. Tell me, what is your fave Fall color and if you're having as hard a time as I am letting go. I'd love to hear your thoughts!



Dionne Dean