How do you know if an outfit still works or not?

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog on consigning clothes from my closet and reselling, donating or throwing out clothes that no longer worked for me (click here). Then it dawned on me, how does the average person know whether or not an item of clothing is working for them and if they need to rid it from their closet. Well, without me over there sifting through your clothes during a closet cleanse, the next best thing is for me to give you a few things to look for. Here ya go:

1. Does it still fit? As women, we always wanna keep those jeans we wore in college when we met our husbands or the shoes we wore on our first date. We're especially loyal to our 'one day' pieces (the items we purchase because one day we'll get down to that size) because we've spent money on them. Honey, it doesn't matter how much you spent on that calf-skin leather skirt. If it doesn't fit, it doesn't fit. Take it to a consignment seller or sell it on Ebay to someone who can enjoy the piece now and reinvest that money into an item of clothing that make you look and feel your best. To keep something in your closet that doesn't fit is a constant reminder to your subconscious that you're not enough right now. Don't do that to yourself, it's not worth it.

2. Does your freakum dress still freakum Does the outfit you used to get so many compliments on barely turn a head these days. It may be a sign that it's time to retire that look and reinvent a new one. Clothes fade, they lose their shape and/or they just go out of style. We gain and lose weight, change careers and just evolve as humans. What may turn heads at 25 doesn't turn a head at 35. Take it out of the closet and look at it subjectively. Has it lost it's vibrancy?

3. Do you still feel good in it? How comfortable you are in your clothing will show in the way that you wear it. If you're constantly tugging and pulling at your clothes, you've taken the wind from under your sails. Get rid of the tight stuff, as well as the saggy stuff. Replace it with clothes that fit and are fashionable. If you're confused about what that is, hire me ;-)

4. It's torn, ripped or stained? Are we still discussing this ladies and gents? Please throw out clothing that is ripped, torn, stained, pilled, etcera etcera, etcera. It's just not a good look. It shows that you don't care about your presence and you have just given up. If you don't care, you're too tired or just too overwhelmed with life to deal with your closet, then get help. Hire a stylist to do a closet cleanse and we'll work along side you to help you get back to that hot mama that you once used to be!

5. It's outdated- Footloose is one of my favorite 80's movies, but I gotta let the acid wash jeans go. For most of the us, the clothes of the past haunt our closets and keep us from a very stylish future. Chuck out clothes, shoes and accessories that are obviously worn and dated and invest in items that are current. If you're holding on to it for vintage sake, then make sure it's in good condition and don't wear it all at one time. You want to look in style and not like you just stepped out of a DeLorean 

Okay, I hope this helps you guys get ready an AMAZING 2015! We've been working hard on our style all year long and now it is time to manifest those promotions and/or new business deals we've been confessing for. Clean out the clutter so that you can make room for the good stuff that's on it's way!

Dionne Dean