Winter Coats for the Apple Shape

The fashion rules don't stop being in effect because it's Winter! You're still expected to look your best while traipsing through 5 inches of snow, trying your darndest not to slip on black ice LOL Trust me, after spending four years in Chicago, I know the pains of trying to maintain a clean cut professional look while trying to protect your body from the elements or "The Hawk" as call it in the Chi. So, here are a few options AND tips for my Apply bodied ladies who want to look 'body shape appropriate', as I like to call it, and warm at the same time

Remember my little apple-tinis, your bust measurements are larger than that of your waist and hips, so:

1. We wanna stay tight on the bust and volume on the bottom to bring eye downward away from the waist

2. Don't go too long; keep the length hip (peplum) or mid-thigh to show off those FAB legs.

3. Aim for bold colors on bottom; muted tones or dark colors on top

4. Single-breasted only; you're already large busted or wide shoulders and the two rows of buttons will only widen your top area 

5. Stay away from embellishments or over-sized collar; again, they add width to an already wide area

Now, lemme preface this by saying that if you can get away with it, wear it. I, myself, am a busty girl, but I LOVE an exaggerated or faux fur collar. I also like to add dimension to the look to balance it out. So have fun, play around, just make sure that you're showing off your shape in the best light.

Dionne Dean