Holiday Dresses for the Apple Shape

The holiday season is officially here and I am determined to make sure you hit up those holiday parties with a BANG honey. The first part of dressing your best for any occasion is knowing what looks good on your body type. As I did in my winter coats for the pear body shape (click here), today we're gonna tackle another common body type: the apple.

I've selected the dresses above to show you the variations in looks for the apple-shaped woman. If that's you, here's a few rules to live by:

1. You have wider shoulders and a narrow waist, so stay away from shoulder pads or horizontal prints at the shoulder; instead keep horizontal stripes at the hip bone 

2. Emphasize your narrow waist and accentuate your hips with empire waist styles and dresses belted at the smallest part of your waist

3. Dark colors on the top and light or brighter colors at the bottom to bring the eye downward away from broader shoulders; remember you want to bring balance to your shape and give the illusion of an hourglass.

4. Great shoulders and great arms are the asset of the apple-shaped woman; show them often and accentuate with a throw or pashmina in the colder months; balance long arms with a chunky bracelet

5. Your legs are also another one of your great features. Balance their length with a great shoe to once again, bring the eye downward away from broader shoulders

Okay, so I think I've given you enough info to get you through your first round of holiday parties. Tag me on a pic of how you put your apple-shaped holiday ensemble together in Instagram at @IamDionnDean. I wanna check out how you turned the office OWT!

Dionne Dean