Fitting Room Playlist

We would never let anyone talk to our mothers, daughters, best girlfriends and/or sisters the way we speak about ourselves in the fitting room. So why do we it? Part of it is false humility, fishing for compliments from fellow shopping patrons. But a lot of it has to do with the images and media we are bombarded with every day. Anyone that goes shopping with me knows that for the most part, I treat the fitting room like my very own personal runway. If something doesn't fit right, it goes to the left, to the left. But if something is working for me, honnnnneyyyyyy I strut in front of that full-length mirror like Naomi!

To help you get your supermodel strut on, I've created a list of my all time favorite confidence booster songs. I play these in heavy rotation, especially on my 'not-so-hot' days. They keep me focused and they keep me motivated, in fashion AND in business (I'm warning you, all these ain't the most holy...but some days I feel like cussin' LOL) Enjoy and make time to create your confidence boosting playlist to help you get through your 'not-co-cute' days!

Dionne Dean