What's Your Signature Style?

What do Michelle Obama, Rihanna and Sarah Jessica Parker all have in common? They all have a very distinct signature style. I mean, who hasn't tried to recreate at least one of SJP's iconic Carrie Bradshaw character's looks from 'Sex and the City'? And FLOTUS's (First Lady of the United States) arms??? Seriously, I don't think I'd ever do enough push ups to get my arms to look like that at a Presidential ball. We're not even gonna talk about Rihanna's hairstyles. I know I've copied at least 4 of them myself. All of these style mavens have a signature style that have been carefully crafted and curated. It didn't just happen overnight; it evolved over years and years of playing with different looks and growing with their emerging careers in the limelight (do we not remember SJP in 'Footloose'???)

So, what is your personal style. I know a way you can find out...take a moment and peruse through your Facebook photos or Instagram feed. See if you can find a pic from this time last year or even 2 years ago. Do you see any trends? Do you look the same or different? What changed? What remained the same? Your hair length, color or style? Maybe you wore a lot of maxi dresses last Summer and this summer you're into flowy tops? Look for the similarities and look for differences. You'll find out that you're actually quite extraordinary ;-)

So, this week, I want you to do this: grab a couple of fashion magazines and a glass of wine, sit down and find a few looks that you believe are your style. We're not looking for a particular celebrity or even designer (that comes later), just pieces, colors and patterns that you really...connect with...does that make sense? Once you determine your signature style and the individual pieces, colors and styles that speak to you, we'll talk about fit ;-)

Remember, you're only picking out items that speak to YOU, not to your sister, BF or BFF ;-)



Dionne Dean