What is a 'Style Lab'?

The question I received the most when I decided to host a 'Style Lab' is, 'what exactly IS a 'Style Lab' LOL Well, the style lab is all about empowering women to make educated shopping decisions and training them to take on a new language when talking about their bodies. Trying on clothes in fitting rooms around the world, I am always amazed at how we as women describe our bodies to other women. At an ever-changing size 16/18, I think I'm pretty comfortable with my body in the fitting room. I may have a few lumps and bumps that I am working on as I work to create a healthier lifestyle, but for the most part, I am on my 'Marilyn Monroe' when trying on clothes #paparazzi #flashinglights. However, I am always met in the mirror by a beautiful, size 6, 6'3 Victoria Secret model who is poking at her stomach, thighs and/or butt, moaning about her non-existent cellulite or "pooch". Of course, in my mind, her body is AMAZING, but between her two ears, there is whole other conversation going on. Be it media, bad boyfriends or horrible parenting, women are the cruelest to themselves in that fitting room mirror and I'm just tired of it...hence, the creation of the style lab.

In my laboratory (I truly just said that like Dexter HA!), we are gonna tackle style head-on! From color to fit, from camouflaging to highlighting, I am going to teach women around the country how to dress the skin they're in. I totally understand that a few of us have some pounds to lose AND gain, but in transition, we have to be kinder to ourselves. I know for myself, if I am not kind to myself in the present, I'll sabotage my future (now THAT is a Word!). 

So, my Dallas chica lindas, You're up first! I'll be working with you on Saturday, April 26th from 11-2 at Union Coffee off of Dyer Street. There are only a few days left, but if you're ready to renew your mind and create a wardrobe specific to your body, you can purchase the last of the remaining tickets here. We'll be creating Spring/Summer 'mood boards', talking color theory and discussing body types. We'll also discuss how to calculate a markdown and go over a few of your fave stores' markdown schedules. As a plus, I've also worked on curating a special selection from the Renew Not Retail Thrift Shop for you to peruse during and after the 'lab'.

Miami and Chicago, I'm coming for you later on in the Summer. By the end of the year, we'll be strutting around the dressing room like Naomi!





Dionne Dean