Dionne's Five 'Fall Lust List'

Okay, so listen...any fashionista knows that season is THE season for showcasing your fashion talent. As a matter of fact, the ONLY reason I agreed to move to the great state of Texas is because unlike my sunny south Florida, Dallas actually has seasons. I'd actually be able to bring out my boots, leather gloves, capes and Chanel 'Black Satin Vernis' (yes hunty!). So before the weather gets any colder, I wanted to share with you a few items that are on my must-have list. A few of them I already own and a few, I'm stalking like a wolf outside a hen coop!  

1. Okay...so at this point in the game, do I even need to explain to you my love of the Fall cape??? This Ted Baker Wool Cape is giving me SOOO much drama right now, that I cannot stand all of it's FABULOUSNESS! I wouldn't pay the $350 sticker price for it though. I've purchased 75% of my capes at the thrift stores, but that's not to say that a few of my fave off-price retailers don't have a great selection

2. I was first introduced to the Sophie Hulme via Instagram and then actually had the opportunity to "meet" one in public (yes...the  bag is SO fabulous that it has actually become a person LOL). The leather is amazing and I can really see myself carrying this as a laptop bag over the traditional laptop bag or LV Neverfull. You know I love the lavish life ;-), so the gold does nothing but add to my lust for this bag. Can we say Christmas list?

3. Y'all know I love leather and a leather glove is no different. I actually have a pair of beautiful Coach leather gloves that I purchased at Sawgrass Mills prior to my leaving my beloved South Florida. It feels like I've been waiting for FOREVER for it to get cold enough, but this week may be the week that I bring them out! 

4. Lawd lawd lawd...that doggonned Tom Ford eye shadow palette is AMAZING! However, I can not get over the $79 sticker shock I encountered at the Tom Ford counter. So, this item will be going onto my 'Wishlist' Pinterest board for all of my friends and family to see. They can get together and figure out how many people it will take to get me the ENTIRE collection HA!

5. I have a confession to make. I purchased the Guess 'Vale' over a year ago at the Guess outlet and have yet to put my foot in them. Why? Because I was too lazy to pick them up from my storage locker back in Miami :/ #dontjudgeme Well my beloved boot is here in Dallas with me now and I will be strolling the streets of Uptown in these beauties. Paired with my cape and forthcoming (should my husband be so kind as to purchase one for me) Sophie Hulme bag ;-)

Alright dolls, I've let you into some items I have on my mind and on my wishlist for the Fall/Winter months. What are some items that you're looking forward to rocking during the cold winter months. Let me know, maybe we can trade ;-)


Dionne Dean