Postpartum fashion: How to have AMAZING style after a baby

Two failed inductions and a c-section. Yes, that is what it took to bring my beautiful daughter, Riley, into the world. She was born at 41 weeks and if we left it up to her, it probably woulda been at 50 weeks! I'm joshing ya...maybe 49 LOL Getting back to myself after a full week of epidurals, pitocin and  IVs was difficult to say the least. My legs were swollen to the size of watermelons and the constant fear of splitting open at the seams kept me from wearing anything than sweatpants. I'm now 4 weeks postpartum and I'm finally feeling like the fashionista that I am, but still am apprehensive about donning my 4-inch heels and skinny jeans (although I did wear a 3-inch wedge the other day...felt soooooo good). So how does a postpartum mom return to the land of the fashion living? Here are a few ways that I plan to get back out there:

1. Separates- Even before I got pregnant, the bulk of my wardrobe was separates. Thank God, because now, I throw together a cute top with a cute pair of pants and I'm out the door. I no longer have the time or the will for a pair of Spanx, so wearing any kind of dress or jumpsuit at this point in the game is not happening. Fill your postpartum wardrobe with fashionable pants, tops, and shoes and rotate them throughout the week. Here's an example:


2. Stay monochromatic- This is a stylist trick that every preggo and post-preggo fashionista should remember; if you wanna look slimmer, stick with a monochromatic color palette. You will look longer and leaner and when done correctly, will look totally current and put together with very little effort.  

3. Killer accessories- When all else fails, add beautiful bib necklace or oversized bracelet to jazz up any look. Whether you're running around in sweats or a monochromatic all-black number, oversized accessories are always a winner.  

So, I'm still figuring this postpartum fashion game out, but I think I've figured how to maintain my post-preggo style until I can fit into my pre-pregnancy clothing. Remember, the goal is not to look like you just got off of the runway (although you absolutely could and probably do). The goal is to look like a better version of your pregnant self; like you just gave birth to a miracle...which you did ;-)

Dionne Dean