Spring 2015 Pantone: Aquamarine

The Spring/Summer 2015 Pantones have been released and they are GORGEOUS.Ten hues varying from pale blues to soft pinks are headed to your local retailer, if they're not there already. One of the more subtle tones and one that I featured on this week's segment on Good Morning Texas is 'Aquamarine' (watch here). 




Just looking at this color brings the feeling of calmness and serenity indicative of Spring and Summer colors. Bringing a sort of airiness to the dark, damp and dreary Winter we're currently suffering through, I'm so excited to bring some freshness into my wardrobe this Spring. This shade of blue can be a bit difficult to pull off, however, so I wanted to give you a few pointers on to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe..

1. Makeup- We all remember Mimi from the Drew Carey show walking around in her powder blue eyeshadow and multicolored ensembles. You DO NOT want to be her. Makeup up is a great way to incorporate 'Aquamarine' into your daily look, but remember, less is more and you want to blend the colors so that we only see a hint of blue and not a tidal wave (see here). Eyeliners are fine, as long as you tone it down and blend with a soft brown. I wouldn't recommend this pale blue color on the lips, although brands such as Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics have ventured into the world of pastel blues, grays and greens. If you can carry it off, definitely try it out. Remember though, there is a time and a place for pale blue lips. A professional setting is not the place to show off your new makeup artistry skills.

2. Nails- I was a licensed nail technician for many many years, so I am always looking to try out the latest trends in nail colors and appliques. 'Aquamarine' is definitely a color you can add to your nail polish collection. You can purchase an actual polish or appliques from such brands as Jamberry, Minx or Sally Hansen. If you wanna take it up a notch, try a little nail art. Maybe a 'Aquamarine' french manicure, only painted the tips of your nails or add paint all of your nails except for one, leaving a forefinger or pointer for a nail sticker. Have a little fun and see what creation you can come up with for that Spring picnic.

3. Accessories- One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to incorporate the 'Aquamarine' trend into your wardrobe is with accessories. As stores sell through all of their Fall/Winter merchandise, you're seeing a lot in the way of pastels making their way to the sales floor. If you're not ready to commit to a full 'Aquamarine' ensemble, then head on over to the costume jewelry and scarf section. Find a piece that includes not only 'Aquamarine', but maybe a mix of Spring 2015 Pantones like 'Scuba Blue' which is sort of a royal blue and 'Lucite Green', a pastel turquoise color. As you observed in my 'Good Morning Texas' segment, you can even go as far as to purchase an 'Aquamarine' iPhone case!

The point of the Spring 2015 Pantones is to point you in the direction of Spring. As the snow and ice melt, take some time to go through your Spring wardrobe and see if you already have a few 'Aquamarine' pieces. Think of the different looks you can put together with this trend and remember to enjoy yourself in the process! Fashion should be fun!

Dionne Dean