Totally change the way you dress your body in just 4 weeks!

In an effort to work with fabulous women that I meet all around the country, I've decided to develop a specialized online styling program. The 'Course in Style' is a course on fabulous, created with today's woman in mind. Let's face it, you don't have hours to spend milling around in stores. You're a busy woman. That's time you could be spending meeting with potential clients, attending a parent-teacher meeting or preparing a killer presentation. What if you could learn how to put stylish outfits together in less than 5 minutes, without running to 5 or 6 storesBetter yet, what if you could have pre-designed outfit layouts like these sent straight to your inbox?

Well now you can!!! That's what 'The Course' is ALLLL about. Here's what you'll receive:
1.  15-30 minute weekly online style consultations to discuss body shape, outfit selections and pairings, color choice and analysis and special event dress. 

2. Three to five weekly personalized outfit layouts sent straight to your inbox to guide you in your shopping excursions.

3. Personalized store assignments to help you save time in the shopping process and/or contact with complimentary personal shoppers at your favorite stores to aid you in pre-selection of clothing. 

4. Creation of private Pinterest fashion board to aid in pre-selection of clothing and accessories for everyday wear, as well as special occasions.

So, I know, the next question is how much does all of this cost. It has to be a lot right, because Beyonce and Rihanna have stylists and I know they get paid upwards of $100,000 a year. Well, yes they do, but this four week online styling service is priced at 
$200 total. Yup, you read right four weeks of consultations, outfit layouts, store assignments AND a personalized Pinterest board for less than a shopping trip to Whole Foods :-)

If you need a little convincing of the value of the 'Course in Style', check out what others have to say about being 'Styled by Dionne Dean':

Dionne is an amazing stylist that brings her education and experience from living in London, Miami, Chicago and Atlanta. If you are looking for a runway avant-garde look, corporate chic, or you just want to revamp your style, Dionne is the one to call."
Dondra Bassett, Bassett Career Branding Solutions

Dionne's styles have breathed life back into my wardrobe!! I incorporate at least one piece every day. Besides the incredible personalized attention I received, my favorite comment to say after I receive a compliment is "Thank you my stylist picked that out for me!!"
Mona Abdalla

My experience with 'Styled by Dionne Dean' has been INCREDIBLE. I'm confident that Dionne Dean is the reason I turn heads everywhere I go. If you want to advance and get noticed, contact Dionne Dean today!!!
Sheryl Jones, Rodcor Enterprise

Check what 'Dallas Influencer' Lydia Varela had to say about being 'Styled by Dionne Dean':

If everything in your mind, body and closet are screaming "YES PLEASE!!", then click on this link for access to the class and to schedule your first styling appointment.
Sign me up for the course in FABULOUS dress!

For those of you who are screaming, "YES PLEASE", but your wallets are whispering,"Chile...I dunno", I have created a bi-weekly payment option for ya. You can pay $100 today and a second payment of $100 in two weeks. 
Sign me up for the course for 2 equal payments of $100!

Join the many extraordinary superwomen that I style everyday with limited time, but extraordinary taste in creating a signature style all their own! Allow me to take you from drab to fab in the time it takes to wait at the Starbucks drive-thru for that Skinny Vanilla Latte...can we say 20 minutes during rush hour traffic. In just 30 days, we'll transform the way you dress your body and enhance those features you were so sure you wanted to cover up. I PROMISE, you'll never look at fashion the same again!

Dionne Dean