How to Create a Seasonal Clothing Budget

I know the weather in Dallas didn't change overnight, but it sure does feel like it. I should be used to the change in temperature having lived in Miami and Chicago for an extended period of time. However, I don't ever think I'll be ready to go from my Fall/Winter capes to Summer sandals and maxi dresses.

I may be biased because I am a Fall fashion fiend. I love capes, knee high boots, camel colored coats, name it, I've got multiples in my closet. Regardless, switching out your wardrobe can be taxing and finding the funds to update your new seasonal wardrobe (especially when you're just starting out or launching a business) can be a strain. So here are a few tips to keep in mind when creating your seasonal wardrobe budget.

1. Don't trust the fashion magazines-I know, I know...this seems like something that I would NEVER say. However, if you live by the finances of fashion layouts of various magazines, you will absolutely be broke. Fashion magazines are a source of inspiration for the fashion forward gal, but not a bible. Yes, you may pick up a few pieces here and there from various designers, but even the most noteworthy of designers abhors a label whore (excuse my French). Take whatever look you find in the fashion mags and adjust it to your budget, whether its thrift or the local department store, there's always a way to duplicate a look out of the magazines.

2. Don't try to keep up with the Jones-now this is a serious one in the age of social media where celebrities and socialites alike are displaying the beautiful wares of their wardrobe. The question you need to ask yourself when ogling the latest designer bag is, "What is their disposable income and what is mine?". Another thing to seriously consider is, "Did they pay for it?" It's a serious question to ask because you're about to spend a chunk of change on an item that they may have been gifted. How silly is that?? Now, if you have the finances and you can afford it go ahead. I, myself, am a makeup addict and DEFINITELY base a lot of my beauty purchases on my fave vlogger or makeup company Instagram account. However, when it's not in the budget, it's not in the budget. Learn how to modify each fashion trend to your budget

3. Stick with the classics-If you're on a tight budget, purchase items that will last you more than one season. As most of you know, I love a Fall it's a serious obsession. Most of them were thrifted, so it didn't break the bank per se, but they are pieces that I will wear every Fall/Winter season. Aim to purchase items that will never go out of style and if you do happen to buy something that is on trend, be prepared to learn the many different ways you can incorporate it into your wardrobe each season. 

4. Purchase out-of-season- The best time to purchase Spring/Summer clothing is the end of September. The best time to purchase Fall/winter clothing is  the end of February/early March. Learn to make a list of closet needs and shop during this time. You'll seriously save a good 70-80% off of retail .  I can't tell you how many times I've purchased designer boots, sweaters and handbags for next-to-nothing all because I waited. If you're willing and patient, you'll be able to purchase all your closet staples for the price of a few!

Well, I hope I gave you some food for thought and insight into how to stretch your fashion dollars. Trust me when I say that there will always be another sale and there will always be a FAB shoe that you HAVE to have. Stay strong, stay on budget and keep your end goal of saving money in mind ;-)

Dionne Dean