5 red lipsticks that will ROCK your makeup case!

I am a little obsessed with a matte red lip. If there was anything signature about my style, that would be it. Now I know most of you are on the MAC 'Ruby Woo' train and you know what, I can't blame you; it is a phenomenal shade. But there are others out there.

So here's a list of my top 5 fave matte red lipsticks:

Kat Von D 'Underage Red' $21 There was a bit of scandal earlier this year caused by a few individuals that thought the name of this fab color was inappropriate. Created by the tattoo artist in homage to her teenage years where she actually did wear red lipstick to look older and sneak into a rock concert while underage, this is my #1 fave matte red lipstick. The texture is amazing and the pigment is so rich.

Sephora Red Lip Stain $14 I first discovered the Sephora 'Cream Lip Stain' during my weekly visit to Sephora. Initially, it was my MAC 'Ruby Woo' dupe. However, after receiving numerous compliments and inquiries via my social media, I decided to make this my go-to red for all major events. The formulation is amazing. It literally keeps it's vibrancy and stays on all day AND night.

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in ‘Cruella’ $26 I actually received a sample of this lip pencil as part of my Sephora birthday gift in February (are you seeing a trend in my makeup shopping habits...I am OBSESSED with Sephora). I took it to DC with me on my birthday weekend and honestly didn't expect it to last though a night of wine and conversation, but you know what? It did! Make sure to purchase a jumbo pencil sharpener because you are going to be going through this one really fast!

Marc Jacobs ‘Oh Miley’ $30 I haven't purchased this color yet, but it is on my 'to-buy list'. Having not done my research, I'm assuming it is named after Marc Jacob's muse Miley Cyrus and it definitely does look like her signature red lip. It is a deeper matte lip, sort of like Nars 'Cruella' which is why I haven't purchased it yet. However, the formulation seems richer, much like the Kat Von D lippies

Anastasia 'American Doll' Liquid Lipstick $20 I previewed this red last week on my 'Break Through Beauty Products' segment on Good Morning Texas and have been wearing it every day since. The formula goes on like a liquid lipstick and dries to a fabulous matte finish. This is another one that I didn't expect to go the distance, but it absolutely did! After taping two segments back-to-back and running to meet a client after the show, my 'American Doll' was still going strong. Loving the liquid lippies frm this brand!

So there you have it. I'm giving you all my secrets to a FAB red lip. If you don't like the look of the matte lip. Don't be dismayed. A small dab of glass will turn any of these lipsticks in a colors you'll enjoy!

Dionne Dean