Clinique + InStyle Magazine #StartBetter Beauty Event with Tai Beauchamp

This past weekend, I had the awesome pleasure of attending an event for a beauty brand that is near and dear to my heart. If you've read the 'About' section of this site, you know that I spent time working as a promotional consultant for Clinique, working in such cities as Miami, Atlanta and Chicago. Although I did makeup occasionally for close family and friends, Clinique is where I really honed in my skills as a beauty and skin care expert. That being said, being to go back and learn about all the amazing products currently being offered by the brand was exciting.

The Clinique #StartBetter event, held here in Dallas at Dillard's Northpark Center promoted taking better care of your skin, your body, your mind AND your wardrobe. Numerous beauty experts were on hand to provide consultations and all the newest Clinique beauty products were on display for our pleasure.

Here I am receiving a lesson from the Clinique Education Director on the moisturizing chubby sticks. Made out of mango and shea butters, this is perfect for Dallas desert heat, as well as those days spent at the beach feeling the salty summer breeze. There are some that are lip color and some that are tint, if you're more of a natural lip kinda girl. You know I was looking for the hottest pink they had in stock...for the weekends of course ;-)

I brought a friend along with me to receive a complimentary beauty consultation. Can you believe she never wears blush? In this pic, the Clinique consultant is using the 'Sculptionary Cheek Contouring Palette' to show her how to contour her cheekbone and really bring out the vibrant hue of the blush.

The piece-de-resistance was getting to meet amazingly gorgeous AND talented InStyle Beauty and Style Expert, Tai Beauchamp. 

We had a really great discussion on how often we should be changing up our beauty routine, skincare regimens for dry Dallas heat versus humid Miami heat and why women off all colors should have at least 2 different foundations in their makeup bag. I've included the audio of our interview below for your listening pleasure:

Beauty takeaways from Tai?

  1. Switch up your beauty regimen once a quarter; the elements are so drastic that we need to make the adjustment to our beauty routine to accommodate for changes seasons
  2. Not only do you need a good skin regimen, you also need to set up regular appointments with your dermatologist; they can check for skin ailments that unseen by the naked eye
  3. If you live in a dry heat environment (Las Vegas, Dallas), look for a milk or cream based cleanser; humid heat (Miami, New Orleans, Washington D.C), use gel based cleanser; need to put hydration back into your skin
  4. Add a couple of ice cubes to your summer cocktail of choice to nullify the harming effects of alcohol on your skin
  5. Use moisturizer with an SPF 365 days a year; although the sun may not be out, harmful UV rays are always present
  6. Don't be afraid of color; use a bright lipstick to add a pop of color to your daily look
  7. Look at beauty and cosmetics as an opportunity to play, so don't be afraid to try out various cosmetic lines
  8. Every woman has 2-3 different tones on her face, so it's okay to use multiple foundation colors from various cosmetic lines

So there you have it. InStyle is giving us the prescription for great skin and Clinique is fulfilling the order. I'm so excited to be incorporating a few of Tai's tips into my daily routine and am looking for a Dallas dermatologist as we speak!

Dionne Dean