Best makeup for darker skin tones

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I love experimenting with different makeup brands. However, due to the lack of diversity in foundation choices, there are only a few brands that I can really "get down" with. Now, I know what you're saying. I'm on the lighter shade of the brown spectrum, and this is true. However, women of any hue have many different shades and tones to their complexion and I am no different. I'm redder in some spots, darker in some spots, more yellow in some. Trying to find the right blend, combination and coverage (this Florida-girl  likes to be matte to the GODS) is not an easy feat. I think I've found a few brands that do the job quite well though. Here they are:

1. Bobbi Brown- A brown girl favorite, Bobbi has always carried yellow-based shades that bring out the flawless in every woman. From the skin foundation stick, to her skin weightless powder foundation, Bobbi has gotten it right for years. Her neutral tone pink lipsticks fit EVERY shade of brown and her shadows are smokey eye staples. If you're like me and have many different shades of brown on one little face, buy a few formulations and mix em' up. There's many to choose from at the Bobbi counter.

2. Lancome- This is a new brand favorite for me. I first took a stab at the brand when I saw them bring on Lupita Nyongo as a brand ambassdor. Skeptical at first, I fell in love with their formulations. They carry the color range from their pressed powders into their foundations, which is remarkable. Even more impressive, their nude lipstick selection is for ALL skin tones. From your lightest complexion to the more dark chocolate, you can definitely find something at the Lancome counter you.

3. Maybelline- Maybelline is another brand that has always gotten brown girl makeup right. The 'FIT Me Poreless' foundation comes in an array of shades. Although, if you're of a dark chocolate hue, you may be disappointed. The formulation is on the more "dewy" side, so if you're a matte face like me, invest in the 'FIT Me Set + Smooth' powder as well to powder that nose as the day goes on. Don't fret if you are of a darker skin tone, what the brand lacks in diversity of foundation shades, they more than make up for in the areas of blushes and lipsticks. DEFINITELY worth a try!

4. Becca- So...Becca has become this Florida girl's new brand of choice. Starting with the AMAZING highlighters, this brand keeps the brown girl highlighted and contoured with subtlety. The Ultimate Complete Coverage Creme comes in an array of shades and with "21% pure pigment" chillllllllllllle, it covers a multitude of sins. Never cakey, but definitely long lasting, I can put this on after Riley's first feeding and it lasts before the last diaper change of the evening!

5. NARS- Okay, so can we talk? NARS has been killing the brown beauty makeup game for YEARS! The brand can do no wrong in my eyes and no matter where I veer off to at my local Nordstrom or Sephora, I always find my way back. Why? Because not only do they carry an array of foundations for the brown girl, the blushes, lipsticks, shadows, liners...they ALL look amazing on the brown girls' skin tone! If you don't believe me, go to your nearest NARS counter and have them swipe a bit of Taj Mahal or Exhibit A on those cheeks! LIFE CHANGING!

So there is my list. There are definitely more brands out there that are making strides in the brown beauty market; I have yet to try them all. However, if there's one that you feel need to be on this list, drop me a note and let me know. I'm down for a Sephora trip ANYTIME!

Dionne Dean