Thrift digging for faux fur

When I dug this faux fur coat from the bottom of the bins at the Salvation Army by-the-pound sale, I didn't realize that it would become a fave part of my winter wardrobe. I instantly put it up on Poshmark, thinking it would sell as quickly as it went live. However, after watching it sit in my "closet" for than I month, I decided to take it off of the shelf and wear it out for a night on the town, sans 15-month old.

Paired with a Jennifer Lopez for Kohls thrifted dress and my trusty Schutz pumps, I was armed and ready to take on Michigan Ave. Should've considered that it was 30 degrees outside and wore an opaque tight and closed-toe pumps instead LOLOL Hey, we do what we gotta do for fashion, right? Felt good and looked EVEN better!