My fave Spring trend: The Romper

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Hunty! As a mompreneur, I literally have 3.5 minutes before my daughter busts into the room with her apple sauce fingers and drags my chosen look for the day off of the floor and onto the ground. That being said, there is nothing I love more than easy fashion; the less there is to fuss with, the less there is to clean (can I get an amen!). The all-in-one style of the romper is as easy as it gets!

The romper you see here is one of 3 that I purchased from Forever 21+. It is one of the most comfortable pieces I've purchased from the brand and honestly, the most age appropriate. I think they're started to grow with their customer and realize that they have to pay attention to those of us that were with the brand when they started years ago. We're now Forever 30...I won't say LOL

To help you get into the Spring/Summer spirit, I've picked a few jumpsuits I think you can rock out of the box this season. Lemme know what you think and whether or not you'll be joining me with this closet staple in the coming months.

Dionne Dean