#MOMLIFE in Metallics

Getting back in the groove of things after having a baby is probably one of the hardest style challenges I've had to deal with. Not only are you met with the difficulties of your body morphing back into it's original form (which I don't think it ever does), there is the ever present need to be cute and comfy while toting around a 30-pound toddler. I'm a mom of one, at this time, but I can only imagine the angst some mom's may feel when trying to get their sexy back with only 2 hours of sleep!

Well my solution has to be to create a uniform of sorts; jeans, basic top and and one special piece. For this look, I went with a distressed jean, black body suit from Forever 21, a pair of thrifted MiuMiu silver flats from the Salvation Army and a silver quilted bookbag from Tobi

You really don't have to do much to make yourself feel "with it" or "together", just throw on something that makes you feel a little bit more like yourself every day.

Dionne Dean