Trendy Professional Wardrobe

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Instagram and reality television has blurred the lines between runway/street style fashion and appropriate workwear. When you watch your fave celebrity strut into a meeting with their manager, potential business partner and/or lawyer (divorce or defense…let’s be honest here) in a pair of 4-inch Loubous, distressed jeans and a baby tee, you may be tempted to do the same. However, don’t be fooled little one. Off camera, when these ladies are making real money moves, they dress the part.

I’m a big believer that you dress for the ‘jungle’ that you’re in (a la Bishop Jakes). So if you’re living the ‘Love and Hip Hop’ life, then you absolutely have the freedom to dress the part. However, if your jungle is the classroom, the law office or the 25th floor, you better throw on some slacks and an appropriate heel. Now, by no means do I mean a frumpy ill-fitting pleat front pant and comfort shoe (but if that’s your slay, then slay away). I’ve worked in education for over a decade and my looks are alllllllways on point YET suitable for my ‘jungle’. So today, I’m sharing some closet items that I feel are appropriate for the trendy fashionista. Here ya go:

  1. Boucle blazers- whether you go with the traditional Chanel-esque box jacket or a more form-fitted silhouette, match your boucle with the 3-4 different yarns woven into the jacket and create multiple looks.

2. Pussybow blouse- play with color and print with this blouse. Pair with a light weight cardigan or blazer. Have some fun!

3. Colorful Pantsuit- If the jungle in allow for color and print, shake it up a bit with a colorful suit. Pair with a neutral top to soften the look…if needed ;-)

4. Faux leather- This is my go-to. On days when I have to be a laddddyyyy, but I still wanna be my foxy self, I switch out my basic black pencil skirt or dress pant for faux leather. Be careful of the summer months tho…it may get a little warm down there LOLOL

5. Bow detail shoes- I love a good bow pump. The bigger the bow, the better. Satin and suede are my fave fabrics to wear with these beauties.

Professional-wear doesn’t have to be boring. You just have to be aware of your office culture and the rules of engagement when it comes to professional dress. Spend a few weeks studying your office’s fashion rules, make an appointment with HR, even. Learn what you can and cannot get away with style wise and then SLAY accordingly ;-)

Dionne Dean