Getting My Desk Together

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I am determined to make every space in which I reside and work beautiful. There’s something about walking into your home, stepping into your car or settling into your office and having it feel like it reflects every part of you. That being said, when deciding to straighten up my work space, I knew that I wanted to have desk accessories that made me feel…well, rich. Yup I said it. I wanted my pens to feel expensive, I wanted my folders to feel luxurious. None of that ugly manila folder and black plastic nonsense on my desk; I wanted it to exude wealth.

I first looked at rose gold desk accessories from stores like Target and Claire’s, but to be honest, no one has the breadth of options like Amazon. So I perused the rose gold, gold and black and striped options and opted for the gold. I did this mainly because the rose gold was a little tooooo rose for me and there were a lot more options in gold. I ended up purchasing this 4-piece caged desk set and this set of 10 gold ballpoint pens. There were soooooo many folder options. My decision was between these polka dot lovelies or these stunning gold and white folders. I chose the polka dot, but honestly will probably pick up the gold and white ones as well. Next on my list is a gold and lucite tape dispenser and matching stapler…that’s next paycheck. Can’t spend alllll my Sephora coin on desk accessories ;-)

Dionne Dean