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My student loan debt stopped my lunchtime shopping sprees dead in their tracks...

After years of working in the fashion industry, I went to graduate school to pursue my second love...education. I graduated with a degree in Educational Policy  and huge student loan debt. I moved back home to South Florida, where the salary didn't match my level of education and found myself having to give up my weekly shopping trips to Bloomies. What's a girl to do? Shop smarter!

Do you love designer clothing, but not the designer price tags? In my new course, 'How to Thrift for Designer Clothes', I'll teach you how to turn a $20 shopping trip into a $2000 wardrobe overhaul! You'll learn how to distinguish designer shoes from duds, purchase pants that flatter from pants that falter and how to make sure you don't lose your dress lining at Happy Hour! Create a wardrobe to rival any boutique showroom, ALL from the thrift store.

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A Vision in Royal Blue

Royal blue is becoming one of my fave colors in the color spectrum.Something about the way direct sunlight catches the tone and it's vibrancy excites this color-luvin' Florida girl.


Abuela's House Dresses

I've been known to shop the night gown aisle for pieces to deconstruct. I love the  and prints of Abuelita's house dresses and have taken a liking to cutting them up, adding a belt or simply rocking them as is.


Move With the Wind

When I find an article of clothing that I love, I usually buy it in all of the colors. I have this Forever 21 hi-lo top in black, yellow and maroon and if they made it in any other colors, I'd be stocking up on them too.

Shop my amazing finds!

If I didn't have a Poshmark closet I'd be a hoarder LOL I mean, I find SOOOO many new-with-tags and lightly worn designer, bridge and better clothing pieces in the thrift store that I can't keep  them to myself! Take a peek at my closet and see what fab pieces I'm uploading today! 

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