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On vacay in South Florida? Go thrifting!!!

Thrifting in South Florida is an exhilarating experience. Going from store to store, perusing the racks for designer gems and vintage loveliness, you never know what you're going to find in the disgards of some of the best closets in the country. From shoes and handbags to nightstands and decorative pillows, my home is filled with fab thrifted finds from the Kendall to Lake Worth. It hasn't been easy though and there have been some duds along the way. From Banana Republic to Balenciaga and beyond, if you're willing and patient in your digging, you can find some amazing pieces.

So I've created a list of SoFlo stores that I believe carry the best inventory of goods for the frugal fashionista.

It's not all luxury and it's not all designer, but it IS all fabulous!


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You have not LIVED until you've thrifted the great state of Texas! Thrift and consignment stores are literally bursting at the seams with designer and luxury goods. Filled with the overflow of some of the state's best closets, you'll score fab thrifted finds from East Dallas all the way out to Fort Worth. It isn't an easy feat to dig for treasure in the 'Big D'. However, if you're patient AND consistent in your digging, you can find some amazing pieces.

It's not all luxury and it's not all designer, but it IS all fabulous!


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Chicago has come of the best shopping in the WORLD!  The amount of thrift, vintage and consignment shops in the city...AND suburbs is overwhelming and you could actually plan a trip to the city JUST to shop! Forget the lake, all the museums and exhibitions, come on to the Chi and get your thrift on! Pack light and wear comfortable shoes cuz you've got a whole lotta' shopping to do in the 'Windy City'! 

It's not all luxury and it's not all designer, but it IS all fabulous!HAPPY THRIFTING!