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You have plenty of clothes in your closet, but still wake up thinking, 'I have nothing to wear'. You love to read the fashion magazines, scroll through Instagram and are subscribed to dozens of blogs, but are having a hard time translating high fashion to your frame. I'll work with you to reinterpret the trends and make them applicable to your lifestyle. We'll develop a signature style that displays your personality and then head to shops to help you become the fashion star you REALLY are!

Shopping session includes:

  • 2-hour shopping trip at predetermined location
  • Body shape analysis and fitting room assistance 
  • Reseller business analysis and review, if applicable

COST: $125 per session


Planning my wardrobe options for an important photo and video shoot with specific instructions to not wear black or white color while working with a tiny budget - Dionne had to create a fashion miracle! We agreed on a dress in an amazing red orange color that fit like a glove. I love Dionne’s fearless approach to color and style and most importantly her “never pay retail” mantra. Thanks Dionne for helping me look and feel fabulous!
— Lydia Varela, Renew Not Retail
I dreaded the “shopping” experience, but I must say that Dionne made it so easy. As I wandered aimlessly through the store, Dionne worked her magic. Finally, I entered the dressing room to find several outfits that I NEVER would have picked for myself, but surprisingly her selections WORKED FOR ME and for the image that I want to project. Suits, dresses, hot little shoes and stylish jackets and accessories, Dionne created collection of wonderful affordable mix and match pieces that fit into average budgets.
— Coretta Turner, 3D Voice: Public Speaking for Children and Teens