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It is really hard to get up, get dressed and "show up" in the world when you feel like crap.

Whatever struggles you're facing internally will eventually come bubbling up on the outside. Whether it's in a sour demeanor, a scowl, a pimple, undone hair; whatever soulish dilemma you're facing will be seen.

I want you to come to my site, check out my credentials and hire me as your personal stylist. But more than that, I want when we work together that you feel good in your soul.

I want you to walk into that dressing room with no fear, anxiety, trepidation, sadness, anger, regret, shame...

Walk in knowing that you deserve to look and feel your best AND that you deserve the money it requires to do so.

So I've written 'Soul Work'...

'Soul Work' is a collection of journal prompts to help you sift through the noise of your life and get to the root of what’s troubling you.

Answer one question or all, this book will put you on a path to clearer hearing and a sound mind.