Never tell me what I can’t do because that’ll make me work 10 times harder to prove you wrong...
— Dionne Dean


I spent so long trying to fit it in. I wanted to make everyone okay with my life decisions. I wanted my Caribbean parents to be proud of me and the sacrifices they made to give me a good life worth their while. I was always trying to be the good daughter, the star student, the supportive wife, the dependable mom that I TOTALLY lost my sense of self and the dreams I wanted to accomplish for myself...and then I realized; I'll never be happy living up to someone's expectations of what my life journey should look like. I gotta do me!


That's where confidence comes in. I've always had a great sense of self (that's the God in me), but when it came to really pushing through and fighting towards my goal, I was weak. I had no confidence in my gifts, talents and ability to make things happen. I often deferred to others, pushing off clients, referring work to others that I thought were better equipped to serve the people God entrusted to my care. Well no more! I've drawn my line in the sand. I'm taking my power back and want you to join me...

I want confidence that kills apathy

I want confidence that kills self-doubt

I want confidence that kills fear

I want confidence that kills unbelief

I want confidence that kills low-self esteem

Don't you...