My love for an 'heirloom bag'

Everyone knows that I am the queen of frugality. Thrift stores, outlets, clearance racks...yup that's me. However, since you're an AVID reader of Thrift in the City, you also know that I can spend a pretty penny on a leather bag, a well-made shoe or flawless black dress.

In watching reruns of my favorite show, House of Consignment (old post:, I'm reminded of why I buy what I like to call my heirloom pieces. Now, there are a few bags that I've bought because they're in the now. They're seasonal, they're trendy, they're once-in-a-while pieces. However, there are pieces that I plan to keep for a lifetime. Pieces that I plan to give to my daughter or daughter-in-law in hopes that she will do the same. Pieces that I can flip on Ebay, should the need arise ;-)

Now, you don't have to spend a month's rent to purchase an heirloom piece and a red bottom or signature logo doesn't make them heirloom (that's another post entirely). I frequent, and every week for my heirloom pieces and for the most part, you wouldn't know how expensive the item was by just looking at it.

So think about it the next time you want to put $50 into the item that'll only last you a season or two. Start saving for the pieces that your children will enjoy.

Love ya...and remember we NEVER pay retail! MUAH!

Dionne Dean