New fave show: House of Consignment I am REALLY particular about the programming that I watch, simply because I have no time to watch TV. Between the desk and the kitchen, managing a home is no easy task, but a girl has to put down the frying pan and the dissertation to watch the latest VH1 hit, House of Consignment.

This show makes Frugal Fashionistas like myself proud. The show highlights the entrepreneurial prowess of Fashionista Corri McFadden, founder of eDrop-Off, the nation's premier Ebay online luxury store. Based out of Chicago (city of my dreams ;-)), the show chronicles Corri's company receiving high-end merchandise from some of the city's most stylish patrons and then flipping them on Ebay for a profit. Corri is privy to some of the best closets in the city and in being such a professional, wins the trust of her clients in assuring them that their items are worth letting go of.

I have to say this is one of THE best shows on right now. I'm a TRUE believer in buying investment handbags and shoes because I can always flip them on Ebay or Bag Borrow or Steal when I'm tired of them. This show confirmed what I've been preaching for years: buy designer for the low and sell it for a profit when you're done...that's we NEVER pay profit if you paid full price ;-)

Alright loves, I could go on for forever about this show, but I gotta get back to my desk :-( LOVE YOU and remember, we NEVER pay retail (especially after watching House of Consignment  ;-) )

Dionne Dean