Winter Coats for the Pear Shape

I'm a big believer that once you know your body shape and what works for you, you can shop anywhere. Hence, why I can shop at Neimans and spend $500 on a beautiful wool coat, as well as go to Goodwill and purchase $30 coats like the one featured below.

So today, and probably for the rest of the year, I'm going to be providing style tips based on your specific body type that will enable you to shop anywhere for anything. You won't be as terrified when walking through that mega-store because you'll be armed with the knowledge of what looks good on you and why. You ready to go? Let's do this! 

First up are my pear-shapes ladies. Above, you will see a few coats that I have scouted out for you my darlings and here is what I want you to take note of:

1. As a 'pear', your lower body measurements are 3-5 inches greater than your upper body, so the objective with any of your outfits is to bring the eye upward and create balance

2. Look for Winter coats that have a larger collar or embellishments at the collar because you want to bring the eye up and away from your hips

3. Keep coat lengths at the knees. Any lower will make you look dumpy and anything higher will bring attention to your hips and thighs and make them look larger look larger

4. Belt your coats to accentuate your small waist. I know, I don't think you have a small waist, but you really do in proportion to the rest of your body

Okay my darlings, it's your turn. Go out this weekend and try on a few of these looks. Take pics and tag me on Instagram @IamDionneDean. I wanna see if you've mastered the art of illusion and created a shape and figure that you love!

Dionne Dean