Perfect Beauty Products for Winter Skincare

As the beauty gal for 'Good Morning Texas', I am ALWAYS getting samples of the best of the best of what's out there in the beauty market. I will ONLY EVER write about product that I absolutely love and that actually work. This for two reasons: #1) I have eczema and WILL NOT mess around with this money maker that I call a face #2) I want you to know what actually works, so that you can accentuate your pretty ;-). So, for this post, know that I am giving you my honest take on Fall/Winter product because I am battling my skin issues EVERY day. I'm not a dermatologist or esthetician, just a simple gal with skin issues and a big mouth, so talk to one of them before you try ANY of these products, especially if you're on a prescription., that I've covered my butt.. ;-) My hair and skin like to rebel against me when the temperature drops. Dry patches, frizzy hair, eczema AND psoriasis...I've suffered through them all. However, I am able to keep them at bay by making sure to keep my body hydrated, hair moisturized and my skin cleansed, scrubbed and moisturized. So, I wanted to introduce you to a few products that I've used to get prepped and pretty for the Winter months, as well as a few new products that have come on the market that will help you maintain your pretty after your skin is prepped ;-)

Carol's Daughter, Cupuacu Anti-Frizz Collection 

I've been using Carol's Daughter for literally the last decade, ever since I decided to stop chemically processing my hair. The line is known for their natural take on hair care and the sulfate-free formula is amazing for someone like me with dry scalp issues. So when I received the new Cupuaçu line, I was more than thrilled to try it out! Frizz-stopping Cupuaçu, pronounced koo-poo-ah-soo, is a rare butter that silkens and perfects dry, unruly, frizz-prone hair (which is perfect for this Dallas arctic wind we got going on this week). It is the only anti-frizz collection that replenishes each strand on the inside to stop frizz, instead of just covering it up. Hair is left polished on the outside with a sleek finish that repels humidity on the out. I didn't expect anything other than complete satisfaction with this product and it didn't disappoint. Here are products and price points: 

Anti-frizz Smoothing Shampoo Price: $20 With blended with strand-fortifying Vegetable Proteins, this gentle cleanser gives even the most uncontrollable hair a healthy smoothness that lasts. Give your straight style something to shine about. 

Anti-frizz Smoothing Conditioner Price: $22 With heightened with strand-nourishing Silk Proteins, it controls even the most unmanageable hair for a healthy smoothness that lasts. Condition your straight style to stay soft and feel like satin. 

Anti-frizz Smoothing Blow-Dry Cream Price: $19 With enhanced with strand-restoring Vegetable Proteins, this lightweight cream gives even the most flyaway-prone hair a healthy smoothness that lasts. Finally, you can have a fearless blowout that’s damage-free.

Anti-frizz Smoothing Hair Mask Price: $32 When enriched with strand-strengthening Vegetable Proteins, it tames even the coarsest hair for a healthy smoothness that lasts. Give your straight style the rejuvenation it needs to stay satiny smooth. 

Where to Purchase: Sephora, Target

Biore Charcoal Cleansing Products



So...who is gonna lie and say that they have never used the Biore patch on their noses and then stare at the dirt and gook that is on the little strip of paper when we take it off?!?!?! LOL Well Biore has come a long way since the strip and have launched a new charcoal line that promises to clean your pores and remove toxins. 

I was a little hesitant at the sight of this product because of it's mucky grayish-blackish color, but once it was sudsied (is that a word) up, I was fine. The feel on the face is kind of like the tingle you get when you wash with a eucalyptus product, which I actually like because I feel like that means it's doing something LOL Once I washed it off, my skin felt clean, not dry or stripped. The mask was AMAZING! Heat activated, I felt like I was getting a warm facial. Great for it's price point. Here's more info: 

Bioré Self Heating One Minute Mask Price: $7.99

In just one minute, this thermal mask warms to open pores, draws out and dissolves 2.5 times more dirt, oil, and surface toxins than a basic cleanser, and rinses them clean away with an invigorating cooling sensation without stripping the skin. Infused with natural charcoal, this breakthrough mask melts dirt and oil better than the leading competitive mask. 

Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser Price: $7.99

This breakthrough cleanser gets pores twice as clean after just one use, in as little as 30 seconds. By combining natural charcoal with Bioré Skincare’s exclusive Skin Purifying Technology, featuring breakthrough dirt-seeking molecules, this cleanser provides targeted deep cleansing for a smooth, clear complexion without irritating skin. 

Where to Purchase: select natural, grocery, drug, and mass retailers

Korres Beauty Shots Price: $15-$18 each, Orig. $36 for holiday gift pack

Korres Beauty Shots has these brand new fruit-infused masks and scrubs that are so chic and cute for super fast pampering. As you can tell from my Biore post, I love a beauty mask. I've only gotten to use one of my masks so far, but they are truly decadent. The smells are amazing and with this $36 gift set, I probably should've invited a few girlfriends over for a beauty party and have each of us try one...but I was being a little selfish (teeheehee). Anyhoo, from refreshing watermelon to moisturizing nectarine and brightening grapefruit to exfoliating kiwi, Korres focuses on the beneficial properties of exotic fruits, delivering results INSTANTLY.

Where to Purchase: Sephora

Burt’s Bees Lip Crayons Price: $8.99

I spent 3-4 years in Chicago and the only thing that kept me protected from the Chicago hawk (colloquial name for the wind coming off of Lake Michigan) was Burt’s Bees. Made with 100% natural ingredients like shea butter, kendi oil, and jojoba oil, the line is now stepping up their cosmetics game with these natural lip crayons. They deliver a creamy matte finish and moisture-rich wear. Pigment is great for a matte lip balm and looks AMAZING under a natural or nude lip gloss.

Where to Purchase: select natural, grocery, drug, and mass retailers

Alright loves, these are just a few of the items that I've tried and had success with. What are some of the products you wear during the winter months to keep your skin and hair moisturized? PLEASE share! I know I have my routine, but I always looking for different products to keep my skin ailments at bay. Leave your tips in the comment below!

Dionne Dean