What to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner?

The hubs and I have decided not to travel home this Thanksgiving, saving our money for some larger trips that we want to take in 2015. That does not mean that I won't be putting together a fabulous ensemble to wear around the dinner table, however, even if it is just the two of us. So I decided to share with you a few looks that you can wear as you prep to meet with family and friends tomorrow. I also want to make sure you don't end the day in pain from your clothes digging into your waistline (oops). We want to be cute around those in-laws honey, but we also need an elasticized waist (can I get an amen?)

When I'm home, I'm usually just partaking in my mom's Jamaican version of Thanksgiving which means turkey AND curry goat AND jerk pork and a few glasses of sorrel (look it up...it's delicious). Over the years though, I've been asked to stop by a few friend's houses along the way. So if you're doing the 'Thanksgiving Crawl' tomorrow, here's the look for you: lightweight tee, jean jacket, palazzo pant (take note of the elasticized waist), a cross body bag (have a turkey leg in one hand AND business card in the other) and a comfy shoe for a quick transition to the next house.

Some of you may be meeting your potential in-laws for the first time tomorrow and you want to make sure that you dress in a way that says, "You want me in THIS family honey" ;-) Keep it simple but classy. You know mom's and their sons and God help us if he has sisters and close cousins. They will be analyzing your every move and taking you in from head-to-toe, so give them something to look at! Pair a sweater dress (for comfort) with a shawl to give it a little drama as you swing it across the shoulders (beware you don't swing into the gravy though...#nobueno). Add a killer pump and a statement handbag and you're ready to go! Natural and a bold lip finish off the look...unless his mom thinks only tramps wear red lipstick :/ Ouch!

The hubs and I were torn as to whether or not we wanted to cook an entire spread, or just go to a fancy hotel and post up for a few hours. We decided on staying in and cooking a delicious meal together, but please believe that as we were in the midst of negotiations LOL I was already planning my look. If you're gonna be heading out to a fancy soiree or a night of dinner and dancing tomorrow, make sure to preserve the sexy and give the maitre'D something to talk about. Pair a killer leather jacket with a wrap dress (to camouflage by the impending pooch caused by wine and turkey). Put on your most fabulous jewels and 4-inch pump and enjoy your night!

Well, I hope I've inspired you to be cute AND comfy tomorrow. Remember, to enjoy your loved ones to the full and give thanks for great fashion sense! ;-)

Dionne Dean