Back To School Fashion for the Educator

During this time of year, there are so many back-to-school advertisements geared towards getting the kiddies back to school in style, but what about the educator? Principals, teachers, professors, advisors...where we do fit in? I know as a college counselor, I put A LOT of thought into my daily style decisions and what I presented to my students every day. They didn't need to know about Mrs. Dean's college tattoos or the color of my undergarments. They also didn't need to be privvy to the jiggly bits of my body, so I kept this figure snatched in some Spanx!! LOL. That being said, I wanted to create a post, just for educators as a thank you for all that you do. Whether its in K-12 or higher education, I want to provide you with some comfortable style inspiration as you impart into the next generation! Here ya go:

1. Comfortable Shoes- Chile, I envy those cute educators who can walk around campus and down the hallways in 4 inch pumps. That's NOT my ministry. I keep it comfortable and classy in pointed toe flats. They elongate the leg when paired with a tall pant. To keep it interesting, purchase a few animal print or metallic pieces.

2. Cardigans-I have no idea why school buildings have to be 30 degrees below freezing. I'm assuming because you have so many bodies in the building?? At any rate, make sure you have a few colorful cardigans at your disposal to throw on and off throughout the day. 

3. A Good Leather Bag- Now yawl know, I have A LOT of beautiful handbags. However, I wore none of them to school. Schools can be a dusty and dingy. The chemicals that are used to clean school buildings are extremely harsh. It can tear a good bag up in a matter of months. Purchase one good investment black leather bag and it will last you years. Also, make sure it's big enough to carry all the homework you'll be grading throughout the week

Okay, so there you have it. Some style inspiration to set you on a course for a prosperous school year. You're no good to your students and staff if you're not first good to yourself. Be good to YOU this school year and prepare our next generation of leaders in style ;-)




Dionne Dean