Fashion for the Stay-at-Home Mom

I have not crossed the threshold of motherhood yet, but I have enough friends who are stay-at-home moms to know that it is HARD work! The constant pull for your attention make being a fashion maven not so much of a priority. Include the added the pressures of running at home business and/or multiple children and decisions about what to wear go right out of the window. Well, I am here to tell you that it doesn't have to be so and I'm gonna show you that you can be a stay-at-home mommy and still keep the sexy. I am giving you a few stay-at-home mom fashion styles that you can throw on at a moment's notice. No yoga pants or mom jeans in this camp!

The first look I put together for those SAHMs who I see back home in Florida trying to stay cool while running after their babies at the park. It's a onesie, so there is no chance of butt crack showing as you bend over to wipe little Johnny's nose at the park. I know, I have varicose veins and you don't want to show your legs. Honey, you and God created a life in that body. Show it off! If anyone has something to say, tell them to take it up with the creator! That'll shut them right up!

I feel like Dallas is the coldest on Saturday mornings when I have somewhere to go, so I don't know HOW my footballs moms are out there at the crack of dawn with their little ones. Needless to day, if you have to be out there in the cold, or running errands, getting your family ready for the week ahead, you may as well do it in style. Pair an over-sized cardigan with a white tee and boyfriend jean. Add a cute suede boot and a statement handbag and the entire canned food aisle at your local Wal-Mart is your runway. A little blush, gloss and shimmer eye shadow will keep that face looking fresh while your nose is freezing!

It doesn't take me being a mom to appreciate a good jean jacket/tee/maxi skirt combo. Buy them in bulk, in different colors and just rotate them honey. White jacket, pink tee, black skirt. Dark wash jacket, black tee, green skirt. Trust me, you'll like a model each time.

We have to figure out an alternative pant and I really believe it's the linen pant. I'm not saying to throw out your Gap faves and replacing them all with the linen pant, but let's add a bit of variety. Pair it with a cool tank and cardigan and you've got an updated look for the playground or the PTA. Makeup-wise, you don't have to do much. Some BB Cream, mascara and lip gloss and you're on your way.

In my head, this is the mother that I plan to be. Inspired by this look from my fave Miami mom-preneur, Maria Tettamanti, I can totally see myself strolling Lower Greenville with my 2 pugs, Peyton and Eli, and my Peg-Perego baby carriage. Oh, I guess my husband can come along on this daydream as well HA! Red lippie on point and I'm ready to take on the other moms at the playground! 

Alright. Well it's all relative. Who knows...I may be the queen of the yoga pant when little Starlet and Dallas (the names my husband won't allow, but I am thinking about hiding from him on the birth certificate) arrive. If so, I'll have this post to remind me what an AWESOME dresser I used to be and to get my butt back into gear!

Dionne Dean