Can you wear white after Labor Day?

With the fashion week season about to kick off, I thought it only appropriate to ask the question that we all ask this time of year; is it okay to wear white after Labor Day? Well, being the fashion rebel that I am, I've created my own list of why it's okay to wear white after the first week of September. Here you go:

Number 1- It's your money. You bought it. You get to decide when to wear it. Yeah...that's all I have to say on that one...

Number 2- It's still 100+ degrees outside!  You'd look ridiculous wearing brown cardigans and a leather boot! 

Number 3- Winter white is the ish! If you're not comfortable wearing white, at least opt for a few ivory pieces. There is NOTHING sexier than a pair of white skinnies, a white turtleneck and a white wool coat (think characters Claire Underwood in 'House of Cards' or Olivia Pope in 'Scandal'). Add an obnoxiously huge white leather bag and you have now just become fashion royalty. It SCREAMS boldness. 

Number 4- Fashion is supposed to be fun. Of course there are some things you just NEVER do (i.e. VPL, pilling sweaters, dirty clothing). For the most part, however, you should be having fun with each item of clothing in your closet. Don't hold off carrying that white Marc Jacobs Stam bag or Rag and Bone vest because it's September 3rd. Chile bye...

Number 5- Wear what makes you feel good. If when you wear white, you feel like you can conquer the world, then honey put on that white slack and make it work. As for me and my house, I will wear pink EVERY day of the year and not feel any shame about it. I may pull out a citron yellow cardigan in November just to make the fashion snobs mad!

Okay, well that's my take on the infamous fashion faux-pas. Now, my views may be a little skewed because I grew up in the 'Sunshine State'. I'm sure that if I grew up in the Northeast somewhere, I'd probably be averse to wearing any type of summery color in the month of September. But what makes fashion fun is that you can create who you want to be and when you want to be it. If you wanna be a beach bunny in September and Wednesday Adams in June, then honey do you! Just make sure the look is clean and polished ;-)

Love you guys and have a SAFE Labor Day weekend! *MUAH*


Dionne Dean