Staying Focused on Your New Year's Resolution

I brought in the New Year by completing the Commitment Day 5K. Determined to get my health, wealth and mind right in 2014, I took to the road to prove to myself that I was ready to receive all that God has for me and prepare myself for the abundance that is on it's way. The sense of accomplishment was amazing and the high of knowing that I did something PURELY for me was confidence building. I felt in tune with my life and was so excited about what the rest of the year had in store. Went out to eat after the husband gets a call that his father has passed.

Now, I don't know if any of you have lost someone so early in the year, but it really does something to your psyche. For me, I spent all of December getting my mind right for the changes I was about to make. I was not in the mindset to hear about a death (as if anyone ever is). Dealing with a loss is and was not on my agenda. I wanted to eat a cookie, put an S Class Mercedes on my credit card and go to the gun range. But I didn't, or I haven't (as it's only the second week of January) and I want to share how I'm making it through:

1.) Review the goals that you set for yourself. Before you dive off of the deep end, remember why you set those goals for yourself in the first place. Whether it was a health scare, saving for a home or just wanting to be a better you, you decided to make a positive change in your life for a reason. Go back into that journal on your nightstand and meditate on those 2014 goals. Get reinvigorated. See yourself acheiving them. I literally read this post from The Wordy Girl EVERY week for the first 6 months of 2013; It kept me focused. Find your inspiration.

2.) Make a decision that you come first. I let everyone from my husband down to my goldfish know that this year is the 'Year of Dionne'. Once they understood that I couldn't love them the way that I wanted to without first loving myself, they gave me their full support. If they love you, they'll appreciate your self-care because they know that it is essentially prolonging your life. My husband said it best when he stated, "Dionne...I didn't marry you with the intention of becoming a widow, so do whatever you need to do..." #BAM #truth #thereyouhaveit

3.) Cut out the noise I don't watch the news or read the newspaper. Occasionally, I'll watch a few minutes of Anderson Cooper because he is so darned cute, but if Wendy ain't featuring it on 'Hot Topics', I ain't watchin'! You can't be successful at accomplishing your goals with the cares of the world streaming 24/7 into your life. I'm a big fan of a Kem album and a glass of Pinot Grigio. Unplug yourself from the mainframe and get centered. It works.

4.) Ask for help My best friend, Akela from AkelaLouise lost over 80 pounds last year. She is my weight loss inspiration and the biggest supporter of my healthy lifestyle aspirations (outside of my boo). Whenever I feel overwhelmed (which is every other day), I reach out to her. We discuss my goals, why I set them and if eating that cookie or putting the dirty dishes in the front seat of my husband's car because he didn't wash them before he went to bed (can I get a witness!) is really gonna help with my current situation. Once we talk it out, I'm good. I hit the gym and work out my stress and anxiety. If and when you need help, ask for it. No...scream for it! Get on top of that mountain and let your closest friends know that you're drowning and need help. Trust me, those who love you will come running with a life jacket.

5.) Build systems to support your success Last but not least, every successful individual I know has systems in place to ensure their success. For example, they go to bed at a certain time, work out at a certain time, turn off phones, won't associate with certain people, etc... If you can't go to the mall without buying something, don't go to the mall. If you can't walk down the cookie aisle without buying the Chips Ahoy, don't go down the cookie aisle. If you can't get on Facebook without checking an exes page, deactivate your Facebook. Life is easy; We make it hard.

Well I hope I gave you some tools to help you be your best this year. I know this is a shopping/budgetnista blog, but can get tough and you need an advocate. Know that you are not out here by yourself. You got a sista out in Dallas that is fighting right alongside you!

Love ya, be GOOD to yourself and remember, we NEVER pay retail!

Dionne Dean