Is Your Wardrobe Keeping You From a Promotion?

As a new business owner or someone who is looking to further their career, it is essential that your future client’s first impression of you is their best impression of you. So what are some ways you can make a lasting impression with your wardrobe? Here are a few small tips to make sure you’re not overlooked within the first 10 seconds of meeting a perspective client:

1. Accessorize - A beautiful broach or belt can enhance an otherwise boring look. Add a distinct necklace or pretty pair of pearls to draw attention upwards to that beautiful smile of yours. I, myself, consider makeup an accessory as well. Blush, gloss and some mascara can do wonders for a bare face.

2. Add some color – Update the look of your black or brown suit with a pale pink pink camisole or a mustard yellow blouse. If you you want to take it up an extra notch and your office culture will allow it, pair colored or patterned tights with a black sheath dress.

3. Iron your clothes –Wrinkled clothing is a dead giveaway that you’re not caring for yourself or your clothing. When it comes to you presenting your best self, it looks disheveled and makes you look disorganized.  So what’s the remedy? Well, there are a few things. a.) Make time to iron b.) Send your clothes to the dry cleaners c.) invest in wrinkle free clothing.

4. Take care of your shoes - Make sure your shoes are free from scuff marks and shoe caps are in tact. We’ve all heard the clackety-clack of someone who has worn away the shoe heel. It sounds like the British are invading the break room on horseback…

5. Get it tailored – Clothes that are ill-fitting are a no-go for anyone looking to advance their career. You want a look that is tailored and sharp AKA #TomFord. That being said, get that hem fixed, take up that sleeve up an inch or two and get that waist cinched.

Take a look through your wardrobe this week and pick out the pieces that make you feel your most powerful. Log the responses you receive from your coworkers and bosses. See if the image you think you are projecting is what is really being shown.



Dionne Dean