Wisdom at the Chanel Counter

I've been harassing my husband for a 3.4 bottle of Chanel No. 5 Parfum for the past 6 months. In an effort to "help" him out, as we walk through a local department store, we just "happen" to make a stop the Chanel counter. I mean, I need make sure he knows the EXACT size and scent that I want for my 'Year of 35' (better known as my 35th birthday), right??

On this shopping trip, Chanel was having a promotional event in which consultants conducted skin consultations and performed makeup application presentations. I struck up a conversation with one of the consultants about the benefits of the Chanel powder foundation versus my trusty Sephora compact. It was then that she dropped some knowledge that freed me from EVER feeling like I had to compete for anything EVER again. "Darling," she said in a pseudo-European accent, "Chanel did powder foundation first and we do it best! Chanel doesn't have any competition." #dropsmic #sold #wrapitup

She then went on to explain the differences of the finish and so on and so forth, but NEVER did she ONCE talk about the competition throughout the conversation. No "Bobbi Brown is this..." or "Laura Mercier is that...". You see, she, as a representative of Chanel, knows the quality and prestige of her brand and is totally and completely convinced about its worth. It would be belittle her and her business to mention another brand because what Chanel has to offer is in a class of it's own. LESSON: When you are the BEST at being you, you don't have to spend any time considering the competition or belittling what they do; Just concern yourself with you.



Dionne Dean