Clearing Out Your Closet

The season's are changing... YAYYYY!!! Time to throw out the old and welcome the new (in every area of our lives). Time to get rid of the layers upon layers of clothing that have kept us comfortable for the past 3, 4...or 6 months (HA!) and show some skin!

Part of the fun of Spring cleaning is to go through that plastic container of Spring and Summer clothing and discover why we fell in love with that citron chiffon maxi dress in the first place. The part that I love is discovering that fabulous piece that you forgot you even owned! HA!

To help you along in the process of clearing out your wardrobe, I've created a few closet inventory lists (click here). These lists will assist you in figuring out what to 'keep, give and sell', as well as what you 'have, want to pair it with and what you will need' to create a look you love.

Keep, Give, Sell The hardest part of the clearing out process is deciding what you really need to have in your closet. Utilizing the 'Keep, Give, Sell' closet inventory, take an objective look at all that you own, shoes and accessories included. Items that you wear on a weekly, if not monthly basis, place in the 'keep' pile. The items that may be a little worn, don't fit or not in season, put them in the 'give' pile. The items that are in good/great condition with perhaps the tags still attached (and you haven't worn in a year), 'sell'! Pay attention to your emotions during the process, you may find that you may still be hanging on to ideas of grandeur that you can walk around the office in 5 inch heels or that those neon green corduroy bell bottoms will be back in style..they won't.  

Have, Pair, Need Now that you've rid your closet of items that you're not really in love with, you can build a wardrobe that you're actually using! Go through all of the items that you 'have' and write down what you need to 'pair' it with in order to make a complete outfit. For example, if you 'have' a pair of black tailored pants, you may discover that you'd like to 'pair' it with a citron silk blouse. You may actually find that some of the items in your 'sell' pile can be used to create that look.  Then, lastly, write down what you 'need' in order to make the outfit complete. Maybe a cream cashmere cardigan or a pair of black patent pumps. Make sense? on the lists this weekend and let me know how it goes. I've got my own clearing out process to go through as well, so we'll keep each other accountable!



Dionne Dean