Are people tearing off the roof to work with you?

Regardless of your religious belief or non-belief, one thing I know: you've heard about that Jewish guy named Jesus. Now, hold on, hold on, don't click delete just yet. I promise you this is NOT a post about religion. Rather, about a personal brand so strong that people were literally tearing off roofs to get to this guy. What the heck was he selling?!?!?!

The story goes that friends of a disabled man were so convinced of Jesus' healing abilities that they tore the roof off of the place where he was staying. They HAD to "work" with him. Made me think, "Do I have clients who would do that for me?" How about former employers? Were they willing to increase my starting salary, add incentives, increase my programming budget just to get me to join the team? If not, how can I get this kind of roof tearing response in my business/career?

The answer: results. The more biblical stories you read, the more you see that Jesus had results wherever he went. Take a look at your resume. Are your results clearly outlined? Are they quantifiable? Do people know how talented you are and how your talent will positively impact their business? How about your clients? Do you have specifics on how you've helped them attain their goals? How their life changed as a result of working with you? These are all areas where that guy Jesus scored highly. In fact, so much so that crowds showed up days prior to his arrival just to get a chance to touch his shirt! Like really, not the man, but his shirt??? Now THAT'S a strong personal brand!

So take a look at your resume, website and social media and see if you clearly outline the benefits of working with you. Brag about yourself a A LOT! One thing that Jesus had was swagger. In every story, he told people, "I am the truth, I am the way, I am the light." He was convinced. Be just as convinced in your business and career and back it up with results. Soon, people will start lining up at your office door and tearing off the roofs to work with you as well! 

Dionne Dean