Complementary Colors: Blue & Orange

I'm always getting questions on how I'm able to pair various colors together. Well it all stems from knowing which colors "complement" each other on the color wheel; hence the term complementary colors. As we went over in last week's post, complementary colors are colors across from each other on the color wheel. Today's fashions are inspired by the complementary colors blue and orange. 

As with any color, remember to stay within the same hue. That is, if you're going to wear a vibrant orange, make sure you pair it with a vibrant blue. If you're working with pastels, make sure it's pastels all around. There are exceptions to this rule, but for now let's concentrate on the basics ;-) Now you! Go out and put together some blue and orange fabulousness! Tag me on Instagram @IamDionneDean so that I can give you a passing grade ;-)

Dionne Dean