How to wear a faux fur vest?

I've been waiting AGES to wear my thrifted faux fur vest, but it never seemed like the right time. Mainly because the weather here in Dallas has been so erratic; it'll be 30 degrees in the morning and by midday, it's 70 degrees! However, this past weekend I got a chance to dust of my fave faux fur piece and wear for an afternoon with the hubs. So I've decided to give you a few tips on how to wear your faux fur. Here ya go:

1. Wear as a statement piece- Since this faux vest was so huge, it definitely had to be the focal point of the entire look. I paired it with a primary color dress and a pair of understated over-the-knee black suede boots. You don't want anything to clash with the print of the faux fur piece. Now, if you're wearing an all black number, by all means, bring out the prints! If not, leave your prints at home and let the faux fur speak!

2. Wear with basics- The look above is one of a few looks that I have planned for this vest. My next look will be a white tee, distressed jeans and a spiky heel. Why not? The thing that makes faux fur so attractive is the glamour that it adds to any look. What a contradiction to pair it down with basics and a killer heel...possibly a metallic!

3. Wear it as a glamour piece- The most classic way to style a faux or real fur is with a beautiful dinner dress. Whether it's with a little black dress (LBD) or a satin sheath, glam your look up with bold accessories to compliment the boldness of your coat. Since you'll spend the night dancing with your beau and your fab faux fur will be holding your seat, you won't have to worry about clashing prints. Just remember to make an exit with your coat sloughed over your shoulder ;-)

Have I inspired you to give faux fur a try? Well, make it a point to go to your nearest thrift/consignment store this weekend and at least try one on. You never know how glamorous you'll actually feel until your prancing through the store on your tippy toes. Live a little!


Dionne Dean