The Rebecca Minkoff Large Affair Bag

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I've been in love with the classic Chanel Jumbo for most of my fashion career. Images of women walking down the streets of Manhattan with their fur coats and 'Jumbo' slung over their shoulder is a staple in the Fall and Winter months. I, myself, got a chance to fulfill my 'Jumbo' fantasy when I shopped TheRealReal boutique in Manhattan while attending the fashion week shows. I tried on the classic bag along with my faux fur and I felt GLAMOUROUS! 

Now, I'm still in love with the $5000 bag, however, a new bag at a lower price point has entered my point-of-view and I can't neglect it's similarity to my beloved 'Jumbo'. The Rebecca Minkoff LARGE (there are 2 smaller sizes) Affair bag came up in my feed on TheRealReal app and I was immediately smitten. It's the first bag that even remotely favored my Jumbo in size and likeness. I immediately tapped the 'Buy Now' button and spend a few dollars out of my consignment funds. A week later and she's here in all her glory. I think 'm in love!

Here are a few Rebecca Minkoff bags that may satisfy your hunger for Chanel...

Dionne Dean