Are You 'Dressed for Success'?

Working in the field of higher education, I am always speaking to, mentoring and encouraging my students on being conscious of the ways in which they are presenting themselves to the world. I mean, "I know that you have a 4.0, are President of your Greek organization and volunteer at the homeless center every other Saturday, but if you walk into my  office with a wrinkled shirt and scuffed shoes, you ARE NOT getting the job" (yes, I have actually said that).

Dressing for success is dressing for your future and role you want to play in life. It doesn't mean you have to walk into the office looking like Tom Ford everyday (although that would be kinda hot) and neither does it mean that you have to spend your student loan payment on a pair shoes. It means thinking carefully and critically about each item of clothing you place on your body and whether or not the outfit you're wearing project that of an executive, entrepreneur and/or business owner. You can do that with items from Bergdorf's and you can do that with items from Goodwill; it's not how much the clothing costs, it's how much can you make the clothing LOOK like they cost ;-) And no, it's not about a suit a tie or dress and heels, its about polished and put together. I often wear jeans on a casual Friday, but its how I style these items that make a difference. My clothes are pressed, my shoes are clean and my makeup is polished.

So for this weekend's assignment, I want you to really look at the image you are projecting to the world and evaluate whether or not you are getting the results that you want. You can ask your boss, your coworkers, your friends and even your spouse, "Am I dressing for success?"

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Dionne Dean