It's Cape Season!!!

Yes Lawd!!! Can I tell you how excited I am about Fall? Not only for the reprieve from the 100-degree weather I have suffered through for most of the Summer, but for the Fall fashions!

Boots, leather...leather boots LOL I love it all! However, the items I am looking forward to wearing the most are my capes!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my capes. To me, they add a sense of glamour to any outfit. I have about 25 capes/shawls in total (don't judge me) and I plan on wearing each one of them this Fall season. I'll make sure take plenty of pics for ya ;-) Here are a few of my faves...

So...this post was supposed to be about my love of capes, but did you count how many different hairstyles I had in one Fall/Winter season HA! Lemme keep this post away from my husband before he starts to question my beautification spending ;-) Well dolls, get out there and get your cape on. Tag me on Instagram at @iamdionnedean so that I can check your 'cape style' ;-) 

Dionne Dean